Tired of boring classes, stupid exercises and good-for-nothing tests? Enough with following the rules of the inefficient language learning system. With Langvideo you can just watch any YouTube videos you like – and learn foreign languages at the same time!

Any subject

Any words

Auto vocabulary

Personalized newsfeed

Video quizzes

Constant race

> 1,000,000 videos

Largest catalogue of videos for education ever collected – grouped by topics and vocabulary

> 200,000 topics

Huge database of miscellanious subjects – from the most general to the narrowest ones

10 languages

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Turkish

Daily updates

More than 2,000 subtitled videos from YouTube’s best channels are added to the database every day

How it works

Search: videos and channels

You can search both for videos (by title or by topic) and for YouTube channels. If a channel on YouTube has some videos with relevant subtitles, it will be most likely represented in Langvideo as well. If you link your Google account, you will be able to import your YouTube subscriptions and subscribe to new YouTube channels from inside Langvideo.

Translations: phrases, words and parts of words

To translate a single word in Langvideo you simply tap on it once. If there is an unknown collocation, a phrasal verb or an idiom, you tap on several words one by one. Sometimes, for instance, in German, there may be no translations to some long specific terms. In this case you can try selecting parts of it and translating them separatly.

Related videos: vocabulary and topics

At the end of each video you will be suggested some related videos. The app does its best to provide you with videos not only on the same subject, but also containing as many words from your active vocabulary as possible. However, in settings you can change the mode of assorting related videos, putting more emphasis either on same vocabulary or same topic.

Video quizzes: checking your memory

At any moment you can revise the words that you previously translated. In video quizzes you will be suggested to re-watch the video parts wher given words are contained. Contrary to silly “match question and answer” exercises not leading to actual memorizing of words, our app lets you fill in the translations yourself. The more right ones you give, the more points you earn.

Achievements: badges, ranks and levels

Every time you reach a certain milestone, e.g. 3 quizzes or 20 videos, you receive a new rank and a correspondent metal badge, giving you some extra points. Besides that, when you earn 10,000 and later 25,000 points, you are promoted to a higher level. With each new level you open more features of the app. Or you can get them all at once by purchasing a Pro Account.


Our Philosophy

Unfortunately, most of language learning programs at schools and universities as well as on online resources do not teach students how to understand and use a language in real life. Instead, learners only train the skill of passing tests, completing mundane exercises or skimming through huge amounts of boring texts. This way an obedient and well-behaved student with a slave mentality is fostered, but not an eloquent and independently thinking fluent speaker.

All those poor learners so often lag in mastering a language, because they study it the way they are forced to, not the way they want to. If there is nothing pleasant or remarkable associated with some particular memories, we most likely tend to forget them. Our brain is just so designed that it stores good memories and tries to erase the bad or insignificant ones – simply to maintain our psychological stability.

In contrast to all that forgotten information received at school, very often we borrow a lot of knowledge from activities that are not primarily supposed to teach but that are dear to our heart. So many of us have learnt a lot of history and geography while playing some history-based video games, like Total War or Call of Duty. Or maybe you owe some knowledge in anatomy and biochemistry to House M.D. or Scrubs series.

Capitalizing on that principle, in one app we have collected hundreds of thousands of subtitled videos from all fields of life. If you like, say, Star Wars and Marvel comics, you will not be forced to study the structure of the British Parliament like we are at school or university. Anyone can choose the particular subject that he or she likes from our broadest catalogue of topics. Unlike other apps and sites, we do not impose any daily plans or challenges on learners. Yes, we do have points system and user rankings, but it is completely up to you when, how and in what amounts you watch your favorite videos.

And on top of all that, we made Langvideo do a lot of routine work for you. Instead of selecting, copy-pasting or typing words to translate, all you have to do is tap on them – the app cares about the rest. You do not have to write anything down – Langvideo stores your words and tracks their occurrences in all of your videos. And you do not even have to learn anything by heart – our app picks related videos for you the way that  you will encounter your active vocabulary again and again, from video to video.

So, the process of learning becomes fun and effortless. You just do what you are used to – surf through your favorite YouTube videos – and do not even have a feeling that you are studying. In the meantime, your language skills improve and you learn while idling!

Use of existing habits

No extra efforts needed, you are only doing what you are used to – watching YouTube videos

Short videos better memorized

The more often the subject changes, the more often you have to re-focus your attention

Emulated language environment

Videos are one of the closest ways to emulate the environment where the language is spoken

Strong memory associations

Combining study and something you like inseparably links new knowledge to pleasant memories

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